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Kick start training

The sustainable 3D digital twin as the foundation for the future

The world is changing. Societal challenges are rapidly emerging. Data helps the involved parties to address these issues. Thanks to 3D data, you gain a realistic insight that leads to more efficient decision-making.

But how do you shape a 2D to 3D transition in your organization? What should you take into account? How do you ensure that this data is interdisciplinary available, discoverable, and integrated? How do you make the transition to a sustainable, scalable, and reliable Open 3D Digital Twin? We help you get started with the training 'Kickstart 3D Digital Twin.

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Bas Hoorn

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What are we going to do?

Setting up a digital twin requires customization! During a two-day training, we bring together business and technology. We invite both policy makers and technical staff to discuss the importance of 3D.

Using a specific user question (use case) from your organization, we start by defining the conditions and mapping out the applications for which you can use your 3D digital twin. Together, we develop an action plan.


Day 1

Together with employees from various departments such as business and technology within your organization, we not only delve into the added value of 3D but also its applicability and, more importantly, the construction of the data. In this group, we define the common starting point and the goal on the horizon.

We use a step-by-step plan that includes themes such as "the 3D chain" and "3D standards." This way, we systematically build knowledge to start working with 3D.

For this day, your organization will propose a use case. This use case serves as a concrete example of what a digital twin should meet.


This helps us determine the conditions for both the technical and policy aspects.

Day 2

This day focuses on the applicability of your digital twin. What can you do with it when you build it in the right way?

With various real-world examples, we delve deeper into the use of the digital twin and demonstrate various applications from our partners.

For instance, we show you how to perform permit checks, visualize simulations of water overflow and heat stress, or utilize 3D for citizen participation. Each of these applications can seamlessly integrate with your 3D digital twin through the use of International Open Standards.

Building on all these examples, in the afternoon, we continue working on the presented use case and determine which applications are relevant for it.

The kickstart 3D Digital Twin includes:
  • 3 filled 3D viewers with a 3-month license

  • 2 on-site training days

  • 8 hours of online support

  • Visualization of relevant 3D applications for your organization.

Albert van Holthoorn
Programma manager Digitale agenda 
Municipality of Leeuwarden

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Municipality of Leeuwarden.png

We asked Future Insight to help us get started with the implementation of a 3D digital twin. Thanks to the training, we are inspired, have gained more knowledge, and as an organization, we can take the next step.

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