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Gender Equality Plan

Gender Equality Plan Future Insight Group BV 2022-2024

Goals 2022-2024:

  • Training all employees on conscious and unconscious discrimination.

  • Employees should be aware of the Gender Equality Plan and know the routines for seeking support and reporting complaints.

  • Annual analysis of wage development to determine possible discrimination.

01 Working environment in general:

We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination based on gender, color, being gender fluid, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or otherwise. HR manager Mirella Hilgenkamp and colleague Joska Geerts are the designated confidential advisers and provide support for reporters. However, enforcement is the responsibility of everyone working at Future Insight.

In the annual performance review, it is asked whether discriminatory situations have taken place in the working environment. If situations are indicated that indicate that the working environment is not well adapted to gender or disability, an action plan will be drawn up.

02 Work-life balance and parenting:

The employer tries to plan the activities optimally in terms of time and place in a way that enables a good work-life balance. This so that activities such as picking up/dropping children to and from school can be taken into account. 

If a parent is on parental leave, they will be invited for the annual interview about performance and wage negotiations. Pregnant, recently given birth or breastfeeding employees are not exposed to chemicals, excessive noise or vibration.

03 Discriminatory material
Images, objects or the like that can be perceived as discriminatory are banned. They may not appear in the office or on data carriers and will be confiscated immediately if this does occur.


04 Recruitment
Clear profiles of wishes and requirements and structured interviews are used in the recruitment process. Every identity should feel welcome at our organization. A vacancy text should describe the position neutrally, so that no gender feels more or less attracted or addressed. When selecting candidates, decision-makers should be aware of unconscious assumptions regarding gender and religion.

05 Career Progression & Salaries
Future Insight strives for a 50-50 male-female workforce. This is taken into account when appointing new employees. This is tracked through an annual analysis of the male/female distribution (by HR, in Q1 each year). 

The management team is at least 25% female. This concerns an MT where two male owners are a given as MT members. 

The wage progression m/f is tracked by an annual analysis (by HR, in Q1 every year). It is then determined whether action should be taken. 


06 Workout
Every (new) employee is expected to follow an awareness training (of conscious and unconscious discrimination). During this training, the company's policy is discussed and it is indicated which employees to turn to in case of bullying, violent or sexual misconduct in the workplace.


The employee will also be instructed on how to report cross-border situations and what follow-up steps are involved.

07 Documentation

  • Payroll analysis (annual Q1)

  • Analysis of % m/f employees and MT (annual Q1)

  • List participation in awareness training

  • This document

  • Employee survey and analysis (ad hoc)


Bas Hoorn, Rick Klooster, Maarten Res

SIGNED ON 8/1/2022

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