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Open standards

Anyone can join

Power of combined data

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The power of Clearly.Hub

Clearly.Hub enables everyone to harness the power of open and aggregated data in a safe and ethical manner. 

Because it is built from open standards, anyone can connect, dit increases the possibilities for innovation and prevents vendor lock-in. 

Want to know more?

Bas Hoorn

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Clearly.Hub is a scalable and flexible digital ecosystem of data and services.

What is Clearly.Hub?

On January 1, 2023, Future Insight started, together with Capgemini and the municipality of Rotterdam,  with the development of Clearly.Hub, also known as the Open Urban Platform.

The digital transformation is in full swing and municipalities are also increasingly involved in this. Clearly.Hub is a digitally connected ecosystem that anyone can connect to. Companies, knowledge institutions, municipal authorities and residents exchange data, creating smart applications that make the city more sustainable, safer, healthier and more inclusive.

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Urban challenges, Open standards and multiple use

Municipalities are faced with major challenges. Data are very important raw materials for the city of tomorrow. Clearly.Hub is fully developed with flexible technical components that are connected to each other. Data suppliers who use these open standards can connect seamlessly. Data is collected once and made available via Clearly.Hub for multiple use. 

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Why Clearly.HUB
  • By using Clearly.Hub to translate urban tasks into concrete plans, all disciplines are highlighted and a broadly supported proposal is created.

  • Data stays with the source and is shared via open standards. This allows us to build a platform that is scalable and usable for everyone.

  • The data is centrally available and can be used for various purposes. As a result, people can use the same data within a city, but also across city boundaries, and save costs.

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Join us!

As a municipality, data supplier or app builder you can participate in Clearly.Hub.

We have a special program for everyone that you can join. You can read more about this in the (dutch) folder below, but feel free to contact us!

What our customers say

Roland van der Heijden

Together with Future Insight we are working on the development of the Open Urban Platform with Digital Twin for the city of Rotterdam. With the knowledge, expertise and innovative power of Future Insight, we have a fantastic partner at our side to shape the future together.


Hans Teuben


Since 2022, Capgemini has been working with Future Insight and the municipality of Rotterdam on the development of the open urban platform with digital twin. Our collaboration is one to be proud of, where Future Insight is the driving force behind the construction of the platform, Capgemini can contribute its experience and knowledge of ethics, governance and digital transition. This way we complement each other perfectly. The collaboration is always spot on. I look forward to what the future will bring us!

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Haydee Sheombar

As the foundation of the Digital City, the OUP must safeguard public values in addition to a 'level playing field'. To this end, governance and ethics are embedded in the platform's systems and processes. In combination with an external Governance Board, the “trust” that is crucial to the success of the OUP is created. As a team member of the procurement and development team of the Municipality of Rotterdam, I got to know the founders of Future Insight as committed, reliable and equipped with a 'can do' mentality – values that they also know how to transfer to the rest of the organization.

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