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International Open standards


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The power of Clearly.3D-City

The sustainable 3D digital twin as the foundation for the future.

With Clearly.3D-City, we offer an online and scalable 3D Digital Twin solution based on international open standards as a foundation for addressing societal challenges. Our 3D Digital Twin is utilized for various purposes, including energy transition, housing challenges, sustainability, and participation.

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Bas Hoorn

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“Seeing is understanding”

Discover it yourself. Open the viewer at to admire the entire Netherlands in 3D.

3D Digital twin

We stand for a 3D Digital Twin and a database based on international open standards, where the data remains at the source.

Our distinguishing factor is that, in addition to using international open standards, an online platform, and separating data from the application, we always prioritize the customer and collaborate as a partner in projects. We work together on societal issues through use cases and smart innovative solutions.

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One-time collection, multiple uses

It sounds logical, but in reality, this happens too infrequently. By collecting data once and storing it in a central database, the data can be used and deployed for various issues.
This way, the data can flow to different applications based on the challenge for a detailed analysis of themes such as:

  • Urban Development

  • Climate

  • Mobility

  • Crowd management

  • Water management

  • Health

We assist organizations in their 3D transition and provide the knowledge and tools to make it possible to collect information 'once' and then use it in multiple ways.

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Distinctive extras
  • Always accessible online, anywhere

  • Based on international open standards

  • A scalable and flexible solution

  • Completely free from vendor lock-ins

  • Extensive experience in the national and international market

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Features and functions

By default, the platform includes:

  • Shadow and sight analysis

  • Measurement and subsurface (excavation) function

  • Planner functionality to load 3D objects

  • Public data: BAG (Building and Dwelling Register), Terrain model, and HD Aerial photo

  • Export function (Shapefile, DWG, CityGML, GeoPackage, etc.)

Expandable with:

  • Advice and support for 3D transition

  • Processing and conversion of datasets

  • Integration with analysis and visualization tools

  • Integration with various data sources (static data, sensor data, etc.)

  • Clearly.Hub

  • Clearly.BIM


Sander Bayens

As a municipality, we have initiated a 3D Digital Twin for a major urban redevelopment within the municipality of Tilburg. With Future Insight, we have found a reliable knowledge partner who assists us throughout the entire process. From providing an inspiration session to our organization about 3D and its possibilities, building our Digital Twin, to finding the right parties that can connect to our Digital Twin. We are very pleased with a partner like Future Insight who guides us through this process, and together we are working towards a functional solution.

What our customers say
Andries Nolles

Andries Nolles

Future Insight has been a reliable partner during the construction of the Digital Twin for the municipality of Groningen. With a clear affinity for the municipal ICT landscape, the project organization excellently guided the technical process. Thanks to the short lines of communication, concrete questions and wishes could be addressed promptly.

From the municipality, we are very satisfied with the end result and the role Future Insight played in the implementation of the Digital Twin within the organization.

Albert van Holthoon.jpeg

Albert van Holthoon

We asked Future Insight to help us get started with the implementation of a 3D digital twin, not only within the municipality but also more broadly within the province. Through a two-day training, they inspired us with all the possibilities, imparted knowledge on the content, and enthused us about the ways in which we can proceed. Future Insight is a professional and pleasant collaborative partner who clearly prioritizes our interests. We look forward to taking the next steps together with them.

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