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International Open standards

Automatic IdS checks

User-friendly user interface

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What is Clearly.BIM?

We help organizations use the potential of BIM!

With Clearly.BIM we offer a user-friendly online solution to assess IFC files in various ways with the possibility to share it internally and externally and store it in a central database.

Want to know more?

Jaan Saar


User-friendly software to view, share and query BIM models.

The power of Clearly.BIM

Working with large and heavy BIM models is often complex.

Detailed BIM models are large, often not unambiguously constructed. Internal systems cannot handle it and there is no lack of a smart online solution for viewing these models.

As an alternative, 2D floor plans are used, generated from the BIM model, with the result that the intelligence of the 3D model is gone. In this way, the power of a BIM model is insufficiently utilized.

Seeing, viewing, checking, querying and seeing the BIM model in a current or future 3D environment, also by non-specialists, makes information visually understandable and the same for everyone.

IdS and compliance checks

Clearly.BIM uses the intelligence of the BIM model to perform checks. First, an IdS check is used to check whether the BIM model meets the expected information requirements. IdS is a standard of BuildingSmart and stands for Information Delivery Specification.

Additional requirements, such as permit requirements, can then be checked using the compliance checks. For example, it is checked whether the rooms meet the minimum size requirements, but also whether doors and basic facilities are present.

We can develop and set up these checks together with the customer.

Information Delivery Specification

The agreements you make in the ILS are the basis for a well-founded BIM model. This is very important to ensure that everyone looks at the information in the same way. Not sure what to make arrangements about? The BIM Basic ILS provides a good starting point about what you can possibly make agreements about. If your model is well constructed, you can also perform more reliable checks on it.

Distinctive features Clearly.BIM
  • An online solution for viewing, storing and sharing BIM models.

  • Automated checking of BIM models against set requirements.

  • Adding different map layers to the Clearly.BIM environment.

  • Visualizing BIM models in a 3D Digital Twin.

  • Converting BIM models to CityGML, among others.

  • Easy export of BIM models in different formats.

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User-friendly user interface

Clearly.BIM is a web-based solution that makes BIM models accessible online from a generic facility and user-friendly for everyone within the organization.

Within Clearly.BIM you can not only view a beautiful 3D model, but it also ensures that it can be viewed at any desired level of detail.

Clearly.BIM is built as a user-friendly user interface. It is a scalable, flexible and sustainable solution where users can work (together) from different demand profiles with BIM models, based on international open standards (IFC).

Christopher Raitviir.jpeg

Christopher Raitviir

For developing BIM based public sector processes there is a need for innovation, agility, patience, and vision. Future Insight has it all. They align with our belief that nothing is impossible, it is just a matter of practicality and necessity. We are happy that we have such partners for our developments.

What our customers say

Rachenie Voois - Maikoe 

Future Insight is a committed supplier who thinks along with you from the design of a vision to the use of Clearly.BIM. During the consultations there is a pleasant, cooperative atmosphere, which makes the collaboration very pleasant. Partly because of this, we have achieved a good result and we are very happy with the end result and the cooperation.

Photo Christian Veldhuis.jpeg

Christian Veldhuis

We used Clearly.BIM in the 'Data Combining' pilot. During the explanation of the application, we uploaded three models of Woonstad. These were immediately displayed properly, loading was fast, and multiple properties in one IFC file went without any problems. I am very impressed with Clearly.BIM! 

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