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BIM Based permit check Estonia

Updated: Mar 14

An online permit check based on BIM models? Yes, it is possible! For the Ministry of Economy and Communications of Estonia, we have been working on this ambition since spring 2019. It is a project of SRSS (European Union) and so Clearly.BIM application is shared at the European level and we are quite proud of that.

Clearly.BIM shows that it is quite possible to set up a single web-based platform based on open standards. The platform can be used both by the permit applicant (to do his own check in advance) and by the operator who can also easily perform his processing. By using smart algorithms, there is less dependence on the proper delivery of the BIM models, making the checks more reliable.

At the presentation of Clearly.BIM and our advice on the User Interface, responses from industry and government were very enthusiastic. The huge potential savings and quality improvement is seen by all stakeholders in the permitting process. From submitter to permit issuer.

Exactly the same question is ultimately on the table in the Netherlands for the Environment Act. Who dares to join us and start gaining experience with the use of BIM models in the permitting process?

Want to know more?

Curious about our adventure in Estonia and Clearly.BIM?

Contact Jaan Saar, our chief evangelist Clearly.BIM.


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