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Clearly.BIM introduces automated permitchecks in Finland

Updated: Mar 14

We're extremely proud to announce that after our success in Estonia, we have now introduced an automated permit check for Finland with Clearly.BIM!

During the Rava3Pro project, we developed a BIM-based prototype to speed up the permitting process of Finnish municipalities.

What have we achieved?

✅ Integration with our collaboration partner Cloudpermit Finland, for extensive coverage across the majority of municipalities in Finland.

✅ Executing an IdS check to verify that the IFC model meets the set requirements.

✅ 5 automated checks focused on (wheelchair) accessibility, of bathroom, kitchen, corridor and minimum width of doorways.

✅ It has been proven that these automated checks easily and quickly provide a clear insight to the user.

By automating a significant part of the checks, time is saved. Time that can be used by the specialists for the more complex checks.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about Clearly.BIM or this collaboration?

Get in touch with Jaan Saar, our chief evangelist Clearly.BIM.


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