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Clearly & Heijmans showcase: rail crossings Elst-North

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Together with Rosanne Rijnen, Casper looks back on a cool and challenging project. The railroad crossings at Elst-North for the Overbetuwe municipality and ProRail.

A project which Heijmans carried out together with the clients, contractors and subcontractors and where Clearly was deployed as a supporting collaboration platform. In this (dutch spoken) video Rosanne shares her perspective on the project, the collaboration, the environmental management and the deployment of Clearly.

Dennis van den Bos, project manager at Overbetuwe Municipality spoke highly of Heijmans' role and left a positive reference for Clearly as well:

"Working with project specific processes in Clearly was decisive for the successful cooperation and communication within the project."

Want to know more?

Wondering how you can make a difference with Clearly in your project?

Dennis Wieringa would love to tell you more about it!


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