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Clearly.Projects in Construction Teams

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Bas Hoorn is CEO at Future Insight. He writes blogs about our software and our drive to implement continuous improvements, so that we can help and support our customers even better with the successful design of their projects.

More and more organizations are choosing to work on projects in construction teams. A great way to work together as a client with the contractor and to achieve optimizations in quality and costs. An important aspect of this is the desire for the client to work together with the contractor on an equal footing, taking into account everyone's roles, tasks and responsibilities.

Collaborating on the basis of equality is only possible if you have the correct, up-to-date information that is accessible to everyone in the team. With Clearly it is possible to easily share all relevant information in a project. As a result, all members of the construction team always have the information transparent and immediately at hand.

Special time

Now in this time of COVID-19, we notice that Clearly is being used even more actively by our clients. For example during interface or design sessions in which the team meets online and jointly has the project in Clearly in front of them. In this way it is easy to go through the different parts of a project and discuss where bottlenecks or interfaces play a role. Different types of project information such as flora & fauna or cables & pipes can be switched “on” and “off”. This combined with the design immediately provides insight into the impact of various design choices.


Construction teams and infrastructure projects in general have a lot of data at their disposal. However, the use and application of this data in the project remains a challenge. A lot of data is hidden in complicated systems or flat PDFs and is therefore not easy to access. While the use of this data ensures the smart solutions in a design phase or the correct phasing of the implementation.

Whether it concerns data from the subsurface, such as cables & pipes, sewers, the structure of soil layers or data from objects above ground, it's all there. By considering data in its entirety and making it fully accessible, you get very powerful information on which you can base clear choices. By doing this well, we can make better design choices and reduce failure costs.

An example

A road needs to be upgraded. The road should be a bit wider, as well as the verges, and there should be a separate cycle path. By using Clearly, it is possible to immediately see the impact of this. The available (open) data can be read in Clearly at the relevant location. Subsequently, the design (in any phase) can be read. You immediately see the impact of the design choice, such as the use of space. Clearly immediately shows which plots are 'touched' by the design and you also see which stakeholders are involved. And it is also possible to make a vertical section, so that you also gain insight into the impact on the subsoil.


Using available data at the start of a project gives you a head start and prevents unnecessary errors that you have to correct later. If you have the right data at an early stage with the members of the construction team, which you can consider integrally, you can really work well together on your project. Clearly is easy to use and can be used by any project member. You do not need to have specialist knowledge to gain insight into the state of affairs. By using Clearly from the start and making optimal use of information right away, you are off to a good start. You can then build on this with your team and make well-founded choices together.

Get started

Are you going to start a project, or are you working on a tender: contact us! We are happy to show you how Clearly can support you in this.

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