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Estonia is making great strides in digital planning and construction automation

Estonia is making great strides in the application of advanced digital tools and automation in planning and construction.

On June 11th we held the closing event for the project “Analysis and Prototype of Planning Information Model” at the Ministry of Climate in Estonia. At this event, we demonstrated a Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution that automatically checks whether a 3D detailed plan complies with the overarching master plans.

The event in Estonia was actively attended by over 70 professionals working in the field of spatial planning in both the public and private sector. 

The demonstrated POC includes the following checks:

Check area measurements by calculating the land use types;

Check percentage of greenery are in the plan;

Check if the building is within the allowed height limits;

Check if the distance between buildings meets the minimum requirements;

Check maximum distance to nearest point of interest (fire hydrants);

Check if there are overlaps with protected areas (heritage, floods);

Check cadastral border distance.

These checks are relevant not only in Estonia but generally in every modern country where spatial planning is an open and collaborative process.

The key takeaways from the event:

➡️ Don’t underestimate the power of 3D data + clear visualization;

➡️ Keep visualization simple and standardized, use common color associations;

➡️ A lot is possible but data standardization is VERY important;

➡️ Keep it simple, start small, and expand from there.

We are proud to have worked on this project with the Estonian Ministry of Climate, 

Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture and the City of Tallinn. Follow us and stay tuned for updates regarding the publication of the final report and demos! 

Our special thanks to Christopher Raitviir and Kermo Mägi who we believe are true pioneers in the public sector!

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