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Finnish ministry starts automated checking of permit applications

Updated: Mar 14

We're extremely proud to announce that we have started rolling out a BIM-based permit control for the Finnish Ministry, using Clearly.BIM.

During the RAVA3pro project, involving 23 Finnish municipalities, we started automating and accelerating the permit process together with our partner Cloudpermit.

Experience Estonia and Accord

Due to our successful cooperation with Estonia and Accord, we gained essential experience that we can use during this project.

International Open Standards

Together with Finland, we have determined which checks we will start with, with a focus on performing accessibility checks. In addition, the Ministry has determined that working with International Open Standards (IFC) is crucial.

By automatically checking BIM models, we aim to digitize the building code and create a streamlined process for permit applications.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about Clearly.BIM or about this collaboration? Contact Jaan Saar, our chief evangelist Clearly.BIM.


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