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Future Insight is proud to join the DMI Ecosystem

Updated: Jan 22

DMI, initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, aims to make it easier for professionals who focus on urbanization and mobility to collaborate online. The DMI Ecosystem is a collaboration between the business community, knowledge institutes, G40 and G4 municipalities, provinces and the Ministries of I&W and BZK.

The Dutch Metropolitan Innovations (DMI) ecosystem provides the domains of mobility, public space and housing with innovative digital instruments, in order to improve and make urban functioning more sustainable, and thus strengthen the future earning capacity of the Netherlands.

Within the DMI we will make the Open Urban Platform available and further develop it based on relevant use cases that apply to the various municipalities.

We are honored with this assignment and look forward to contributing to these socially important issues.

Would you like to discover more about the Digital Ecosystem? Go to or contact Bas Hoorn:


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