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Future Insight shares Digital Twin knowledge in GEO-INFO magazine

We proudly share our knowledge about 3D Digital Twins, city models and the use of open standards. In fact, you only need to take three steps for a future-proof 3D Digital Twin.

Which one? That's what this (dutch written) article is about.

Because of our years of knowledge and practical experience at, among others, the Municipality of Rotterdam, we know how to enter the start-up and growth phase.

Together we take a close look at the available data, the required technology and the processes that play a role in your organization. What must the 3D Digital Twin meet? What requirements do you have? Which technical solutions do you want to use and how do we get the entire organization - from management to user - involved in the 3D transition?

With some regularity, we provide training courses and webinars on the 3D transition, 3D city models, 3D Digital Twins and BIM.

If you follow us on LinkedIn or check our website, you will stay up to date. Another tip is to join our joint initiative on LinkedIn: Nederland in 3D.


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