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Future Insight welcomes Jaan Saar: international expert in digitally transforming construction

Updated: Mar 14




Future Insight welcomes Jaan Saar: international expert in digitally transforming construction

Zwolle, February 12 - Future Insight is pleased to announce that Jaan Saar joined the team on February 1. As an experienced professional in the field of digital transformation in the construction sector, Jaan will serve as the chief evangelist for Clearly.BIM, a web-based BIM software solution for automating the review and checking process of construction designs. Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, he brings valuable expertise to Future Insight.

Expert in the digital transformation of the construction sector in governments

With a proven track record and extensive experience in the digitally transforming construction processes within government agencies and private enterprises, Jaan brings valuable knowledge and skills to Future Insight. His expertise and experience within the government and the industry will strengthen Future Insight's position in the sector. This is particularly significant as we aspire to make a positive impact in the construction industry on a global scale.

In his role as head of digital construction for the Estonian government, Saar was previously involved with Future Insight, where a national system was prototyped, developed and implemented for automating the building permit checks using BIM technologies. This development was crucial as designers and contractors shared information through BIM models, while government agencies lagged behind in this process.

Jaan has been working in the construction industry for over 17 years. Previously Jaan was the head of process & IT for a Swiss off-site construction start-up that was developing advanced high-end apartment buildings using the latest digital technologies and manufacturing techniques. Before joining the public sector he was also CMO of an Estonian software company developing solutions for integrating ERP software with the latest cloud-based BIM technologies for getting insight and automating supply chain processes for construction and real estate development companies.

Jaan's global mission in the digital transformation of the construction sector

"After nearly 6 very rewarding years spent assisting the Estonian government in driving the digital transformation of the construction industry in 'one of the most advanced digital societies in the world,' I have decided to take on new challenges on a more global scale. Therefore, I have joined Future Insight to help other governments and organizations around the world leverage BIM and digital twin technologies to their fullest potential," stated Jaan.

“In my view Future Insight has the best mix of technology, people and experience to implement automated compliance checking for building permitting processes. Although this is quite innovative at the moment, there is no doubt in my mind that most (if not all) building permit checks will be automated in the future. With the increasing complexity of building codes and the exponentially growing amount of data used for analysis the need for automation is inevitable. At the same time we are facing a housing crisis in most parts of the world, so we need to build and renovate faster and more sustainably, without making compromises in living quality. Luckily we can use visual and data rich BIM models to make the whole process easier, faster and more transparent.” Jaan added.

Jaan: international visionary and leader in construction project permits

Future Insight has brought an international pioneer on board with Jaan. He is a sought-after speaker at international BIM conferences and events worldwide. You can see him in action already on the 20th of February at the 3rd Annual Digital Twin Conference in Dubai where he will deliver the global keynote presentation.

Jaan is involved with many international non-profit organizations working to digitally transform the construction industry. He is currently the chair of EU BIM Task Group, chair of the board of trustees at Construction Classification International Collaboration (CCIC) and member of the board of directors at buildingSMART International.


About Future Insight

Future Insight is a dynamic organization active in projects within the living environment. The company distinguishes itself by taking the end user as a starting point, in addition to using open data standards and scalable web-based technologies, and working towards a solution that is as simple and optimal as possible to meet everyone's needs.

The company develops various smart and supportive software solutions, including:

  • Clearly.Projects:

A smart and supportive online platform for projects in the living environment.

  • Clearly.Hub:

The digital infrastructure (Open Urban Platform) where all data from the urban domain is connected, providing the municipality, residents, businesses, and institutions with a foundation to use smart applications and services.

  • Clearly.3D-City:

A knowledge and software solution for developing a detailed digital representation of cities in 3D.

  • Clearly.BIM:

A web-based BIM software solution for automating the review and checking process of construction designs.


Note for the editorial team:

For more information regarding this press release, please contact

Mr. Bas Hoorn, founder and commercial director at Future Insight


Dhr. Jaan Saar, chief evangelist Clearly.BIM at Future Insight


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