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Heijmans deploys Clearly.Projects for better insight and optimal collaboration

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Last week Heijmans and Future Insight signed a 5-year contract for the use of the online platform Clearly.Projects. With this Heijmans takes a big step within integrated collaboration and the optimal use of the ever growing amount of data to support its tenders and projects.

We are incredibly proud of this milestone and are experiencing significant growth through the Heijmans wide deployment of Clearly.Projects.

We founded Future Insight in 2014 with a clear mission, namely: "By connecting fields of work, thinking far ahead, redesigning processes and supporting them with high-tech solutions, we want to combat waste in the interpretation of the living environment and thus contribute to a better world" A mission that is still the motivating force behind the constant further development of our products.

Clearly.Projects contributes strongly to this mission. It is the online collaboration platform for projects in the living environment. It is a unique combination of process management, visual information (2D/3D) and a database in one place.

Heijmans and Future Insight dare to say that the best choices can be made when information from different sources can be linked, is accessible to everyone and you all work with the same up-to-date information. There is an enormous amount of data available within tenders and projects nowadays. Collected by the client, from external studies and from public sources. All of which, if used properly, are of great value to the plan, the costs, the execution and the final result of a project.

Wouter de Noo of Heijmans adds, "By deploying Clearly.Projects, we collect valuable data in a structured way, create a better picture, identify risks faster and prevent miscommunication. We can determine a targeted environmental approach and make adjustments where necessary based on data. In addition, the platform enables us to better substantiate our performance. In tenders, this increases our chances of success."

This collaboration did not come out of the blue. Heijmans has gained experience with Clearly.Projects in various projects and saw Clearly.Projects as the online platform for collaborating with colleagues, client, subcontractors, competent authorities and other project stakeholders. In the past two years, for example, the company has successfully applied Clearly.Projects to the 'Railway Crossings Elst' project where, among other things, a process for 'coordinating environmental communication' was set up with the Overbetuwe municipality. For the performance contract Midden Nederland Zuid, Clearly.Projects has been used to structure the approval process of traffic plans and in other projects Clearly.Projects is used for work processes around permits and (temporary) land acquisition.

Bas Hoorn of Future Insight says he is very pleased with this cooperation and the ambassadorship of Heijmans. However, he also looks at the clients with a slanted eye. According to him, there is a great opportunity, responsibility and interest with the clients to counteract information loss during the transfer moments, minimize costs and speed up the entire chain. Digitizing, he says, goes beyond making PDFs and other files available in bulk. It is about integral collaboration and making information easily and efficiently accessible and insightful so that everyone involved can do their best work and no unnecessary hurdles have to be taken.

Heijmans and Future Insight are jointly taking up the gauntlet. We are going for it!

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