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How do you use 3D object registration for various social challenges?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

In the Total Three-dimensional (T3D) program, which was initiated by the VNG and the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam, we have been working since 2020 to investigate how 3D object registration can be applied for various challenges , such as the energy transition and climate adaptation.

During the T3D project, we tested and realized innovative, scalable and efficient solutions and standards for the full 3D acquisition, registration and use of object information. Thanks to the steps we have taken during this programme, municipalities have a much clearer perspective on the further development of the current key geo-registers and the realization of the Cohesive Object Registration (SOR).

But how do you show the outside world what has been done?

But how do you show the outside world what has been done?

In order to provide insight into the program and thus the various tasks involved, Future Insight has developed two products.

Landing page

You can read more about the program on the landing page. This page provides answers to questions such as: “What can a 3D object registration do?”, “What are the benefits” and “What can it do for me?”. The page also takes you to an e-learning module, where you can get started with various assignments in the 3D viewer.

The story map

The storymap literally gives you a bird's-eye view of the developments that have taken place.

View the subsurfaces, see how we can work with Tygron to reduce heat stress on the have been able to map and how we can map the expected water levels and drainage.

Discover the various assignments we have completed for T3D and get inspired!


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