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Innovation journey with Estonia continues

Updated: Mar 14

Last summer we awarded the tender for detailed planning analysis & prototype development from the Estonian Ministry of Climate. Since then, we have been working hard on analyzing the Estonian market with regard to the use of the planning information model.

Future Insight will deliver a prototype that performs multiple automated digital permit checks on BIM models within a 3D environment, taking into account the environmental context.

Examples of the checks we want to carry out include:

✅ Ensure that the building complies with the zoning plan, for example by checking that no construction is taking place in a specific zone around a railway line.

✅ Verify the maximum allowable volume of a building in a specific area.

Estonia: Global innovation leader in automated permit checks

Estonia is viewed with admiration worldwide, which is leading the way in the innovative use of BIM in the construction sector. In collaboration with the Estonian Ministry of Climate, Future Insight has previously taken important steps to accelerate and improve the use of BIM in the permitting process by developing an online permitting process based on BIM models.

For example, consider an automatic check whether all doors are wide enough, or whether the escape route is not too long. This service is about to be rolled out nationwide, making Estonia recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the field of automated permit checks.

Last year we won the Building Smart Award for this fully web-based service based on open standards. And this year, our Clearly.BIM-based digital permitting service was rewarded with the WDBE Award in the 'Most Promising Digital Solution' category.

Unveiling an innovative prototype

On January 11, 2024, we will present the first results during a live event at the Ministry of Climate in Estonia. We will deliver the final results including the prototype in the third quarter of 2024.

Want to know more?

Do you want to learn more about these developments and discover how automated permit checks can save you a significant amount of time?

Contact Jaan Saar, our chief evangelist Clearly.Bim.


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