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Launch of version 1.0 of the Dutch agreement system: collaboration and digitalization crucial for progress

Version 1.0 of the appointment system was launched on Tuesday, June 18, and we signed the “Declaration of Intention to Use DSGO (The Digital System for the Built Environment)”!

The agreement system was created thanks to digiGO and has been signed by many important Dutch parties such as the ministry, Geonovum and the Land Registry.

Collaboration is essential to tackle social issues, and digitalization is an indispensable factor. By making clear agreements about information exchange, we can work together more efficiently and make real progress. The more parties commit to these agreements, the sooner we can actually take steps that will help us move forward. That is why we signed this statement.

We see the added value of a good appointment system and want to make a valuable contribution to this with our smart tools, Clearly.BIM and Clearly.HUB. Together with others, we are now exploring how this system of agreements can be applied practically.public sector!


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