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Make agreements about the structure of a BIM model

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

What do you call that floor? Is it “floor 1”, “1” or “01 first floor”? You already understand: confusion can arise in the communication between 2 (or more) people. Let the computer understand it. To provide clarity, we make agreements. This also applies to the construction of a BIM model. We record these agreements in an ILS.


ILS or information delivery specification aims to make unambiguous agreements about the model information within a project. In addition, it is determined for building elements which properties are recorded, under which denominator and which unit is used for this.

The Start point

An ILS is the starting point in which you determine which agreements you make.

  • How will you name a room, for example?

  • Do you link up with existing standards, such as the NL/SfB, and where do you record this classification?

  • (Where) do you record what the Usable Area (GO), NVO, GFA is?

The agreements you make in the ILS are the basis for a well-founded BIM model. This is very important to ensure that everyone looks at the information in the same way. Not sure what to make arrangements about? The BIM Basic ILS provides a good starting point about what you can possibly make agreements about. If your model is well constructed, you can also perform more reliable checks on it.

We will tell you more about that later…


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