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Optimize your tender: gain insight with Clearly.Projects

Do you scour the web for all kinds of information and browse through countless sources to get a grip on your tender?

Did you know that searching for and processing information can be a lot easier? Just as nice, given that the time you can spend on a tender is often very limited.

At Future Insight, we take a large part of the work off your hands with Clearly.Projects. But it doesn't stop there: we bring all information together in relevant map layers and we set up the issue process to identify risks. We translate this into clear insights, so that you can organize spatial projects in a smarter way and proactively minimize risks.

The benefits of Clearly.Projects during the tender phase

When you start working with a tender, Clearly.Projects puts you in the right gear:

  1. unlocking all information on the map, where we visualize all information, from cables & pipelines to geotechnical research;

  2. Detecting and recording important risks;

  3. Presenting an initial overview of stakeholders;

  4. Collection of open data in one location. Think of data such as cycling and walking paths and protection zones along flood defences.

A step forward in the implementation

As soon as you have won the tender, you can immediately start executing your project. Because you used Clearly.Projects during the tender phase, the environment with associated processes and map layers is already ready for use in the realization phase.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about how Clearly.Projects can help you optimize your tender?

Please contact Dennis Wieringa.


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