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PoC around BRO completed: 3D property capture based on BIM designs for Ministry of the Interior and

Updated: Mar 14

Last week we completed a PoC commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. As part of the practical examples around the Basisregistratie Ondergrond (BRO), we started working on capturing 3D properties based on a BIM design.

For the concrete need of notaries, we have developed a simple online application in which properties can be linked to a BIM design. All this completely based on open standards. Here Future Insight and Delft University of Technology have also directly taken into account the connection to international developments.

Simple, online and fully based on open standards

The need is there. So is the technology. Now all that remains is to set it up.

Looking for more information or interested in an exploratory meeting? Call Jaan Saar, our Chief Evangelist for Clearly.BIM at  +372 529 0777 or send him a mail at [email protected].

We also created a video for this PoC that gives a clear picture of the possibilities.


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