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Process daily mutations in a 3D view

Updated: Jan 22

The city is alive. Every day all kinds of mutations take place in the environment. Mutations that are implemented 2D in the basic registration. But how do you get these into your 3D city model so that you can rely on the most current data?

At the initiative of Pieter Leendert de Ruijter, of the Municipality of Rotterdam, we investigated the possibilities at the Rotterdam Wet waardering Onroerende Zaken (WOZ) department from the T3D pilot. In a pilot we tested whether it is possible to match the 3D representation to the 2D actuality. A very important question for the department. After all, if a dormer is installed then the house is worth more.

Understanding change

To make those object mutations visible in 3D, we developed, together with Virtual City Systems, an object library in which simplified forms of dormers and extensions are included. And in which mutations differentiated into 3 options.

1 a red partial object (demolition permit granted, but still there);

2 a yellow partial object (altered object);

a green partial object (newly built object).

Want to know more?

Want to know more about object mutation? Bas would be happy to tell you more about it.


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