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Proof of Concept 3D property based on BIM designs

Updated: Mar 14

The Netherlands is facing an enormous construction task of nearly 1 million homes to be built in 2014. With this tasking ​​we are faced with challenges such as the surface and subsoil is becoming increasingly complex. These complex situations are now mainly communicated on paper in 2D, which does not benefit the overview and portability and leads to an enormous amount of administration. A large notarial deed of purchase already consists of rows of binders, with current technology you should be able to develop smart applications that make this process more efficient, sustainable and manageable.Such as BIM designs that many project developers already use for their designs. If a civil-law notary could supplement this with legal information and then share it with the clerk's office, the civil-law notaries would be greatly helped. The legal initiative started by civil-law notaries in the Netherlands also indicates that there is a clear need for this.

We have developed this in a POC, an application that is accessible and user-friendly for everyone. In the simple interface you can quickly create your own project with an existing bin mod and immediately see in 3d how it will turn out. Then you can add additional data such as exclusive use, shared use or general use. This way you can easily record this for each floor and therefore the entire building. By using an open online bim database based on the IOT standard, the approach is very flexible and easily scalable. In addition, you can also show the building in its surroundings, in combination with, for example, an aerial photo, the cadastral map or zoning plans.We've described the possible next steps to really build the solution into our report, but the necessary technology and needs are already there.


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