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Strong environmental management is essential at the start of the tender

Starting with a new tender? Then strong environmental management is essential!

Why? Because every inquiry from your client about the environment is project-specific! This makes the role of an environmental manager within the tender team crucial. You immediately score an advantage in the tender phase by laying a good foundation for environmental management here!

Transparent collaboration

Clients consider the living environment of the project to be increasingly important, which is why contractors are increasingly making an environmental manager part of the tender team.

In the tender phase it is important to collaborate integrally and transparently with the tender team. By providing insight into all information from the living environment of the project, you can identify as many uncertainties and risks as possible, allowing you to tender more accurately and achieve a better EMVI score.

Transparent collaboration also reduces nuisance, prevents delays in planning and minimizes additional work and the associated costs.

Tender Won? Enter the implementation phase well prepared!

Did you win the tender? Then you can immediately get started with the foundation that was laid in the tender phase. By having made a good risk assessment and control measure plan, you will avoid a financial surprise when starting the project.

Why Clearly.Projects?

Clearly.Projects makes processes more efficient by making environmental information visually accessible, recording risks and control measures, and effortlessly registering plot owners and stakeholders. Our platform offers the possibility to visualize various map layers, including cables, pipes, flora, fauna and specific project drawings. All this within one platform.

Discover the benefits for your project!

Are you curious about what Clearly.Projects can do for your tender?

Please contact Dennis Wieringa.


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