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Strukton deploys Clearly.Project for transparent, efficient and digital collaboration within project

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Strukton has been working with the online collaboration platform Clearly.Projects within infrastructure projects since 2016. In tenders it is used to arrive at the best plan and during projects Strukton uses it, among other things, to take environmental management to a higher level.

After years of working together at project level, this collaboration officially grew into an exclusive and long-term relationship on Valentine's Day 2022. At the headquarters in Maarssen, Strukton and Future Insight signed a 5-year contract for the use and organization-wide deployment of Clearly.Projects. A great milestone, but above all a big step towards structuring and digitizing various work processes and optimizing cooperation with clients, subcontractors and the project team.

For those not yet familiar with Clearly.Projects: we would describe Clearly.Projects as a unique combination of project management, a GIS information map and a project database in one collaboration platform.

Future Insight did not win this coveted contract lightly and had to compete with two competitors. Future Insight ultimately managed to come out on top with Clearly.Projects and their empathy for Strukton's specific challenges. In addition, they even managed to design and add a unique module to the offer during the call for tenders. This module enables Strukton to reuse non AVG sensitive project data for other projects, giving it a competitive edge.

Ton van Oosterhout, Director Civil of Strukton also sees this step in a broader perspective: he is convinced that using Clearly.Projects contributes to professional partnership, transparency in projects and real-time insight.

We asked Ellen de Waard, domain owner environmental management at Strukton Civiel: You have been using Clearly.Projects for years, why now this exclusive contract?

The answer was short and to the point: After years of experience with Clearly.Projects in several projects, we don't want to work any other way.

With Clearly.Projects, our environmental managers work more efficiently and smarter on our projects. It provides full insight and overview of environmental aspects and project data, secures careful processes and replaces confusing excel sheets. Clearly.Projects also communicates with relatics and is linked to project tools for, for example, citizen participation and environmental analyses.

For us it is the place for the most accurate and current insight into the project. Clearly.Projects also promotes integral working both within our own team and with partners and clients. Even if someone leaves, all information is retained. And because we all work with this program from now on, we do not have to keep reinventing the wheel.

Casper van Vulpen, Sales Director at Future Insight added: And so from now on, from the start of every project, there is a smart platform ready to go where information and interfaces are visually linked and tasks are supported with custom designed workflows and map layers.

In which Strukton projects has Clearly.Projects already been deployed? Ellen immediately thinks of the first joint project, the N34 between the Witte Paal and Drenthe border. A long trajectory where Clearly.Projects helped to go through good processes with landowners and record the many different site-specific agreements. The fact that implementers were always up to date with the latest agreements helped enormously for stakeholder understanding.

However, Clearly.Projects not only supports us with stakeholder management but also provides us with visual insight for K&L relocations, land purchases, nuisance contours and the earthquake issue. TenneT's project of the new 380kV between Eemshaven and Vierverlaten (Groningen) proves this all too well. By applying Clearly.Projects, many interfaces were discovered on the front end that would otherwise not have surfaced until later. This saved us from many potential risks.

With Clearly.Projects we get the best out of the available information and work together on a safe and accessible world for everyone, now and in the future.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about how Clearly.Projects can play a role in your projects?

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