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The future of vegetation algorithms in a 3D Digital Twin

Updated: Jan 22

Together with Cobra Groenzicht, Taltech and Alto University and the cities Helsinki and Talinn we have been working on the first steps of building up a solid foundation for future GreenTwins.

The future city is more than buildings, vehicles and people. Green spaces also play an important part. Researchers at the Tallinn University of Technology are adding dynamic plant life to the city’s digital twins.

This “green twin” virtual solution shows us how urban flora changes over time and helps us understand how these changes affect the city’s ecosystem.

Estonia already has a digital twin of Tallinn and – as the first country in the world – even of the whole state of Estonia. The processes of urban development and construction in Estonia are increasingly developed with the help of digital tools.

The “green twin“ will help urban planners by indicating where more shade from the summer sun is needed, where greenery could cover up traffic signs or where autumn winds will start to blow after trees lose their leaves. The result is cleaner air, a nicer atmosphere, and a better environment to live in.

As we have completed the first phase of the project, we thought it would be nice to give you a glimpse into our collaboration and the knowledge gained so far. Click on the video below for our in-depth interview with Fabian and Henna.

The Greentwins project is a project to follow!

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