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VCS launches brand new VC Suite: discover the five biggest changes that significantly simplify its management.

Updated: Jan 22

Manage your Digital Twin? This is a lot easier now that the brand new VC Suite has been launched. 🚀

A big step forward for both administrators and users. From open source integration to the brand new plugin mechanism, we take you through the five biggest changes that will significantly simplify management.

1 API-based VC Publisher:

Unlike before, the VC Publisher is API-based, making all functionalities accessible via the API. This opens the door to seamless integration with other applications.

2 Open Source VC Map:

Open source is now used. This allows everyone to integrate the viewer into their own applications. This opens the way to community-driven innovation.

3 Create modern VC Map 5.0 viewers:

The new publisher allows you to create new viewers effortlessly. These look even more modern and can be flexibly configured with all kinds of components, making the use of the viewers even more intuitive and better suited to the user objectives.

4 WYSIWYG Viewer Configuration:

Get rid of complex HTML codes. With the new Publisher it is much easier to configure the viewer thanks to the 'what you see is what you get' editor. Drag and drop the viewer components to the desired location for an optimized display.

5 Advanced Plugin Mechanism:

Explore the new, easy-to-use plugin mechanism. Programming remains required, but you can now have your own plugins ready in no time (depending on the complexity).

New User Interface:

In addition to the many developments in the backend, the viewer is also completely "from scratch" ; has been rebuilt and the new user interface offers a modern look.

We have now updated the new publisher on all environments and will soon launch updating the viewers. Can't wait to see it? Watch a demo of the new viewer now at !

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