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10 years of Future Insight

This year is a special year, because ten years ago Rick and Bas opened the doors of Future Insight. A special moment where we reflect together today. We meet every two months to update each other on everything that is going on. This time while enjoying cake and while enjoying beautiful personal congratulations that we received.

10 years of Future Insight has been a journey of innovation, growth and collaboration. We have learned and experienced a lot that makes us who we are today. We are very grateful to all our customers, partners, (former) employees and everyone else who has dedicated their time, energy and expertise to bring us here!

As we look back on the milestones and successes of the past ten years, we look to the future with enthusiasm. We are working on many great projects to increase our impact. Impact on the living environment because the mission with which Rick and Bas started Future Insight ten years ago still stands: making an impact on the living environment with smart software solutions.


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