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Future Insight wins buildingSMART award with their BIM-based permit check for Estonia



November 16 - 2022

Future Insight wins buildingSMART award with their BIM-based permit check for Estonia

Zwolle/Estonia - Future Insight and the Ministry of Economy and Communications of Estonia are the proud winners of the buildingSMART award in the category of Technology 2022. With their submission of an automatic, BIM-based permit check, they won an award at the buildingSMART International Standards Summit in Montreal.

Web-based viewer accessible to all stakeholders

The permit checker automatically checks whether the BIM design meets the specified permit requirements. About 50 checks are now performed automatically in a viewer. Web-based, so it is easily accessible for the architect, developer and permit employee. This increases the transparency in the permit process, improves the quality and significantly reduces the turnaround time.

Scalability - and replicability provides huge potential impact

Because the solution is entirely based on international open standards such as IFC and because it is web-based, it is highly scalable and replicable. In essence, it can easily be adapted to local situations for any country or government. That provides a huge potential impact which was therefore an important reason for the jury to grant Future Insight the award.

Estonia is the first country in the world to implement such a system nationwide. But that's not all: the first countries are already actively looking to follow Estonia's good example.

Want to know more about the permit check?

Future Insight is very proud with the recognition they have received from the global Building SMART community, which is committed to digitally transforming the built environment. Want to know more about the permit check? In response to this award, Jaan Saar, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia and Rick Klooster CTO of Future Insight were interviewed. Watch part 1 and part 2 of the interview.


About Future Insight

Future Insight is a dynamic organization, active within projects in the living environment.

The company differentiates itself because, in addition to using open data standards and scalable web-based technologies, they always take the end user as their starting point and work towards the simplest and best possible solution for fulfilling their needs, which can actually be used by everyone.

The company develops the smart and supportive online platforms Clearly.Projects and VISI, for example. With Clearly.3D-City, the company provides the knowledge and software for developing a digital city in 3D.

With Clearly.BIM, they provide a user-friendly online solution for reviewing IFC files with the ability to share it internally and externally and store it in a central database.

They also provide the knowledge, offer software and build future-oriented 3D and BIM platforms. Applications that improve the management of urban resources and infrastructures and provide data integration and collaboration. Applications for projects for both governments, developers and contractors both nationally and internationally.


Note to editors:

For more information about this press release, please contact:

Rick Klooster, CTO Future Insight Telephone number +31(6)46 90 97 79 or [email protected].


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