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Getting started with Clearly.Hub (Open Urban Platform)

Updated: Jan 22

The digital transformation is in full swing and municipalities are also increasingly engaged in it. With Clearly.Hub, anyone can harness the power of open and combined data in a safe and ethical way. Clearly.Hub makes it possible to combine all kinds of data and apps from different sources and suppliers. This creates a scalable and flexible ecosystem of data and services that increases opportunities for innovation and reduces vendor lock-in. Important preconditions for such an ecosystem are, of course, that everyone can use it in a secure and ethical way.

On September 1, 2023, the annual Clearly.Hub program will start and you can sign up for it now!

Together with other municipalities, you will get to work. You will think along in important themes such as Building & Architecture, Governance & Ethics and Organizational design, but also actually get to work building your own Open Urban Platform

Start: 1 September 2023

Goal: Getting started with Clearly.Hub (Open Urban Platform)

Cost: 50.000 EUR

For whom: Municipalities in the Netherlands

Approach: Working with other municipalities on themes such as governance & ethics, construction & architecture

Result: Selected own datasets in first version Clearly.HUB, joint knowledge building and input in development direction.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the annual program or sign up for it?

Please contact Bas.


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