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Governance & Ethics within a Digital Ecosystem

Updated: Jan 22

Does an ethical issue like human dignity touch technology? What about self-determination on the Open Urban Platform? And how do you make sure you are transparent about your digital processes?

For the municipality of Rotterdam, Future Insight, together with Capgemini Clearly.Hub, also known as the Open Urban Platform (OUP), is developing a digital ecosystem in which various data sources are brought together and lead to valuable applications for the many urban tasks.

This is not just about technical design, but also ethics and governance. The OUP must be an open, secure and accessible system for everyone.

To flesh this out, a Governance & Ethics working group has been set up, which recently held its first workshop with the Building & Architecture working group. During that workshop we looked at where ethics touches technology. This led to valuable discussions that will take us further in the development of the OUP.

We think it's important that we not only think this out but actually engage with more municipalities on this. We come across the topic more and more often. That's why this will be one of the components in Clearly.Hub's annual program that starts on September 1 and to which all municipalities can subscribe.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about how that sets up governance and ethics within the Open Urban Platform?

Please contact Mirella Hilgenkamp.


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