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Training Kickstart 3D Digital Twin : Build a supported Digital Twin together

Updated: Jan 22

Do you want to deploy a digital twin for your societal challenges? Then you want this to be supported interdisciplinary and it is important that everyone within your organization points in the same direction. During our two-day "Kick-Start 3D Digital Twin" we will help you with this and, by jointly determining the starting points and preconditions, we will put a dot on the horizon.

A collaborative approach

The core of our kickstart is a collaborative approach. During a two-day on-site training we bring business and technology together. We invite both policy officers and technical staff to discuss the importance of 3D. Using a use case submitted by your organization, we start by defining the preconditions and map out for which applications you can use your 3D digital twin.

Our hands-on workshop enables participants to collaborate, share insights and inspire each other. By building a shared understanding of each other's roles and capabilities, we foster interdisciplinary collaboration, which is essential for successful implementation of digital twins. Together we come up with a plan of action.

Want to know more?

Do you also want to kick-start your digital twin? Then read all about this two-day course in our (Dutch) brochure or contact Bas Hoorn.


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